Below, you will find a list of anthologies in which I am included.

Note: This page is new and still being updated. I will add the rest at a later date.

Hallelujah for 50ft Women: Poems About Women’s Relationships With Their Bodies :  ‘Raving Beauties women’s theatre company was born out of a deep sense of frustration with domesticity, naivete and a burning need for a creative outlet. It led to an enormous personal, political and professional learning curve. Hallelujah for 50ft Women is their third anthology of women’s poetry. Their first book, In the Pink (The Women’s Press), sold thousands and was reprinted six times…This book has been selected from over a thousand submissions. New poets published here for the first time are proud to share this anthology with established writers such as Selima Hill, Kim Addonizio, Jackie Kay and Helen Dunmore. By revealing the complex depths of our relationships with our bodies Hallelujah for 50ft Women makes a much needed contribution to a compassionate understanding of our evolving selves.’

A Flock of Shadows :  ‘Sick of sighing at the namby-pampy vampires and hipster witches in mainstream fiction? Of the supernatural stoically resisting its own evil? Parthian and The Ghastling magazine decided to take matters into our own hands with a call to arms for some proper gothic fiction…With new fiction from Howard Ingham, Carly Holmes, Mark Blayney, Bethany W. Pope, Laura Wilkinson, Jo Mazelis, Morgan Downie, Shirley Golden, Amanda Mason, Rhys Owain Williams, Paula R. C. Readman, Kate North and Alan Bilton.’ My story involves a vampire-like creature from Filipino myth who favors attacking pregnant woman and keeps her legs in a bathtub full of vinegar.

Nightscript : ‘An annual anthology of strange and darksome tales by twenty of the finest contemporary scribes. Kristi DeMeester, Gregory L. Norris, Charles Wilkinson, Patricia Lillie, David Surface, Daniel Mills, Kirsty Logan, Kyle Yadlosky, Clint Smith, Damien Angelica Walters, Eric J. Guignard, Marc E. Fitch, Michael Kelly, Bethany W. Pope, John Claude Smith, Zdravka Evtimova, Jason A. Wyckoff, Ralph Robert Moore, Christopher Burke, Michael Wehunt.’ My short-story involves the death of a God in a Swindon used-car lot.

Secondary Character‘ The twenty-eight stories collected here offer a wealth of both connection and contrast in plot, theme and style. By its nature the short story is capable of leaping into the reader’s imagination to vivid and startling effect, as demonstrated here; from the supernatural in ‘A Ghost May Come’ to the psychologically charged in ‘Marco’s Eyes’ to the poignant ‘Theft’ each story in this diverse anthology plays with both the everyday and those profound and life changing emotions of loss, jealousy and regret…CONTRIBUTORS Kay Beechey Susmita Bhattacharya Justine Bold Carole Burns Luned DeSimon Karl Drinkwater Frances Hay Nic Herriot Carly Holmes Nigel Jarrett John Lavin Malcolm Lewis Barrie Llewelyn Jo Mazelis Shelagh Middlehurst Elizabeth Morgan Lynda Nash Kate North Bethany W Pope Diana Powell Whyt Pugh Colum Sanson-Regan Gareth Scourfield Danny Shyla Thomas Stewart Christina Thatcher Rhys Thomas Susie Wild’ In my story a personified Death stalks a man living a quiet life in Wales.

secondary-character-front-cover1-200x300160pp D8voAFlockofShadows_webnightscript-cover-master_kindle


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