Masque: A New Novel

I am pleased to announce the cover of my first novel, Masque, which shall be released by Seren this June.


Here is the back-cover blurb: ‘A promising young singer is torn between two loves. One, her patron, is a rich vicomte, who offers her a life of luxury and light. The other, the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, is a dark enigma who offers to help her further her art.
One is a man, the other a monster.
But truth, and life, are twisted things. A life of empty privilege can be ugly. Monsters can be kind. And art exerts its own demands.
This story is different from the one you think you know.
Set in lushly-painted Paris, this story plunges to terrible depths. Love, lust, adventure, romance, and the monstrous nature of unfulfilled creativity await you here.
Everyone wears a mask. Look beneath it, if you dare.’



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